Health Club Equipment Upgrade

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Exciting news! Kew Recreation Centre (KRC) will shortly undergo a range of equipment and facility upgrades.

In mid-December 2017, the centre will install the latest cardio and functional training equipment from leading fitness brand, Precor Australia. This innovative equipment allows users to completely customise and personalise their workouts.

KRC Centre Manager, Sarah Harrington said, “These upgrades will be a huge benefit to our members. Being able to personalise your workout, based on your individual strength and fitness, and your specific goals is going to transform how our members stay motivated and realise their fitness targets. We are always looking for new and better ways to support our members to stay fit and healthy. When we saw the opportunity to install the latest technology in our Centre, we pushed hard to make that happen”

Boroondara Leisure and Aquatic Facilities have invested in these upgrades, which were endorsed by the City of Boroondara as part of their shared commitment to providing world class fitness infrastructure. The initiative will be managed by YMCA Victoria.

Introducing the Queenax™

The largest addition to the centre will be a functional training unit, known as the Queenax™ Bridge. This flexible system creates unique group functional and suspended bodyweight training areas that preserves the open space for floor based exercise classes. The X3 900 model being installed at Kew, will be the largest functional training system in Australia.

 “Suspension and Circuit training are the most popular classes at KRC. With the Queenax system, we’re able to elevate these offerings and attract further participants,” Sarah Harrington said.

Ms Harrington assures that all members can gain value from the system. “The beauty of the Queenax is its flexibility. Our instructors can tailor their coaching to meet the unique goals each member brings to a class,” she said.

Upon launching the Queenax™ Bridge, the centre will be offering a series of introductory classes so members can get familiar with the system.

Preparing for the Upgrades

The upgrades will take place in mid-December. Works will run outside of standard operating hours to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. When dates are finalised, members will be provided with a detailed schedule of the works.

The Cardio Room will be closed during the refurbishment period to allow for installation of the Queenax™ Bridge and a fresh coat of paint. The room will continue to feature a single line of cardio equipment, with additional equipment being redistributed into the Health Club.

Members of all the Boroondara Leisure and Aquatic Facilities have reciprocal rights at Kew Recreation Centre, providing them with access to the upgraded equipment and respective classes.

Further updates will be communicated to members shortly via email, online and printed materials. If you have queries about the upgrades, please email