Improving member’s quality of life

  • Date: 22 August 2017
  • Category: General

Allan is a familiar face at Kew Recreation Centre. Since joining as a member four years ago, he has become well-known to members and staff alike thanks to his jovial personality.

Exercise has made a huge difference to Allan’s life; as a teacher of young TAFE students, Allan recognises the vital role participating in regular exercise plays in ensuring that he can meet the demands of his job.

“Training allows me to do what I want physically. Without my training, I couldn’t see myself being on my feet all day as a teacher, or having the energy to renovate my house,” he says.

Allan aims to attend the Centre three to four times a week to workout with a personal trainer. Over the years Allan has trained with nine personal trainers and enjoys the variety of styles that each one brought to their sessions.

While he does have his favourites, Allan says that all the trainers at Kew are professional, provide personalised programs, and have given him more than just a solid workout.

“The focus of the trainers and the healthy lifestyle choices they make has rubbed off on me, and inspired me to choose healthier options too," Allan said.

While he works hard to maintain his fitness, it’s not just the health aspect that brings Allan to Kew, it’s also the social aspect. Lately, he has been training with a friend, Vince, on Saturday mornings, as a way to catch up in a healthy, positive manner. After his exercise, Allan likes to sit down in the Centre’s café for a quick bite of the veggie snack pack, or his specially made iced coffee.

Allan continues to be a happy and healthy member of Kew Recreation Centre, and ‘counts down the number of sleeps until his next training session’. “I wouldn’t have the same quality of life without the training that the centre provides. I’m always looking forward to the next challenge”.