Introducing the IQ Studio & Equipment Upgrades

  • Date: 30 January 2018
  • Category: General
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Have you experienced the recent additions at Kew Recreation Centre?

As part of recent facility upgrades, we opened the IQ Studio – housing Australia’s largest Queenax system and the PRAMA Vertical 3.0 interactive wall.

The IQ studio will allow us to develop innovative training programs to help you train smarter and get results faster than ever before.

We also introduced the latest range of Precor Cardio Equipment and MyZone heart rate tracking wearables.

Learn more about the equipment

Queenax X3 900 Bridge

  • A flexible training system which supports both suspended bodyweight and functional group training.

PRAMA Vertical 3.0 interactive wall

  • An interactive training system, which uses LED light markings on pressure sensitive floors and walls. Based on the concept of Gamification. 

Spinner Chrono Power bikes

  • Our Cycle Studio is now equiped with Spinner Chrono Power bikes. This model features direct power measurement, magnetic resistance and an ultra-bright LCD console.

MyZone heart rate tracking wearables

  • A chest-strap monitoring system that tracks heart rate, calories burned and overall effort accurately and in real time. It focuses on rewarding effort rather than fitness.

Why the change?

The health and fitness world is constantly evolving and we are committed to bringing you, our members, the latest industry-leading equipment and technology. Throughout 2017, we explored the latest trends and compared them to our existing offerings.

From our research, we selected equipment and infrastructure which allows you to completely customise and personalise your workouts.

Our team of qualified instructors are all trained in the use of this equipment. They can incorporate it into their coaching, while still working towards your unique fitness goals.

Members of other Boroondara Leisure & Aquatic Facilities are welcome to use their reciprocal access rights to experience the new additions.