Kids Night In

Kids Night In

The inaugural Kids Night In session invited primary school aged children across Boroondara to come along and enjoy a fun filled evening of games, gymnastics, workshops and more.


With the help of seven gymnastics coaches and being a new fundraising initiative for YMCA Open Doors, parents were given the opportunity to enjoy the night off. A sell out session with 80 children aged between 5 – 12 years of age were dropped off by their parents and lead through a range of activities.


Starting the evening was a giant obstacle course set up around the gymnastics space. Children were excited to participate, making new friends and working their way through the course.

Following the giant obstacle course the group was then split into two sessions. The gymnastics workshop formed one session where children were able to try some basic gymnastics skills, whilst the other session involved team building games and dinner. Through these sessions we were able to assist with developing independence, self-confidence as well as build social connections with new friends, not to forget keeping them active.


Once all the active components of the night were complete the children then all settled in to watch a movie using crash mats, pillows and blankets to get themselves comfortable.


One parent said, “The feedback from the children was awesome! As a parent this was such a well-run and organized session and a great initiative to give us the night off”. Another parent said, “The session was so smooth from a parent’s point of view. The staff were so friendly and were able to make my child feel confident, well looked after and safe. Thank-you”.


The Kids Night In was able to raise over $800 for the YMCA Open Doors Charity which will go back into the programs to continue to support those experiencing disadvantage.