Prague House Exercise Program

Prague House Exercise Program3

Every week, Kew Recreation Centre fitness instructor John joins residents at St Vincent’s Prague House for an onsite exercise class.


Prague House is a local specialised aged care facility that supports residents with a mental health diagnosis or an acquired brain injury, many of whom have a history of homelessness.

Due to their lack of mobility and a lack of funding, residents often miss out on opportunities to exercise or leave the facility. KRC is helping to combat this by providing weekly strength and wellness classes.


The classes are accessible for residents who are walker assisted or use a wheelchair, so all residents are able to participate. The target area for the group is balance, which helps to prevent potential injuries caused by falls.


Jane, a resident who uses a wheelchair, said she, “feels stronger from doing the program, and looks forward to seeing John each week”.


While, Elizabeth, a staff member at the facility also explained that after each session there is a notable improvement in both the mobility and mood of patients.