Child care and Occasional care

We offer child care and occasional care from Monday – Friday for children aged 8 weeks up to 6 years of age.

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This allows you to leave your child in care whilst you take the opportunity to enjoy the centre facilities.

Sessions are available Monday - Friday and are 1 hour and 15 minutes in during, with a maximum of 5 hours a day. Activities include art/craft, story reading, music and movement, songs, outdoor play and educational toys. Our program aims to meet the needs of individual children and the group as a whole.

Please complete an attached enrolment form prior to your first visit to the centre.

As of 1st January 2016 new government legislation has come into place. All children need to have proof of up to date immunisation. Before attending childcare this year you will need to complete a new enrolment form for 2016, a copy of the child’s birth certificate(can be transferred from last year’s enrolment form),  and ensure we have up to date for age proof of immunisation. An immunisation history statement is available from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register. These can be requested at any time by contacting Medicare or visiting the Medicare website - or email -

Please note that homeopathic immunisations are not accepted.

Overseas immunisations need to be verified by a local GP or immunisation nurse.

 Our educators will do everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible. It is very important to notify us of any changes throughout the year to ensure the correct information is on your child’s enrolment form.

Please see the below link to help you better understand the new legislation.

Session Times (childcare):

MONDAY   9:30am – 11.00am 11.00am – 12:30pm  
TUESDAY   9:30am – 11.00am   11.00am – 12:30pm     
WEDNESDAY     9:30am – 11.00am 11.00am – 12:30pm  
THURSDAY   9:30am – 11.00am 11.00am – 12:30pm  
FRIDAY   9:30am – 11.00am 11.00am – 12:30pm  



Please Note: If your class overlaps 2 x sessions you must book and pay for both sessions. Please also note that if you pick up your child late, a late fee will apply.

Occasional Care

We offer Occasional Care Monday - Friday. Minimum 1 hour and a maximum of 5 hours per day. Occassional Care can assist those parents/guardians who require care to run errands / have a break outside of the centre facilities.

Cancellations must be received by 7.30am on the day.



Bookings can be made a week in advance from 6.30am onwards and staff are fully qualified, professional, welcoming and cater for all your child’s needs. When booking, you will need to let us know the age of your child.

Occasional Care Cost: $11.10 per hour